Decontamination and depollution of the air in human presence for individuals and corporations concerned with the quality of the breathed air.


Decontamination and depollution of the air in human presence for individuals and corporations concerned with the quality of the breathed air.

The device eliminates

Adenovirus, H1N1 flu virus, MERS coronavirus, SARS, SARS-CoV-2

Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.

Mould spores

Cigarette smoke, organic odors

The device eliminates

Ammonia, styrene, formaldehyde...

Toluene, benzene, ethylene glycol

Flue gases from petroleum products and natural gas

Technical parameters

L’appareil BEEWAIR BW60L utilisant la technologie brevetée DBD-lyse® permet la décomposition des chaînes carbonées (polluants, virus, y compris les MERS, le Coronavirus, bactéries, odeurs, allergènes, COV, …)


The Beewair molecule transformation principle guarantees extremely high efficiency for a wide range of hazardous organic and inorganic compounds.


Unlike filtration technologies, Beewair technology reduces the total air pollution on the planet by transforming pollutants into air, by eliminating them irreversibly.


La limitation des filtres ne fait que souligner les coûts d'exploitation extrêmement bas, qui à puissance maximale sont comparables à la consommation d’énergie d'une ampoule conventionnelle de 100W.


Beewair technology is based on the degradation of compounds and molecules by their decomposition into basic elements and the subsequent mineralization of these elements into basic air particles.


The device is capable of working in manual or automatic mode - with a possible increasing pollution adapts the power level appropriately.


Timeless design and new generation technology, suitable for any interior and designed to meet the criteria and requirements of each customer.


  • Reduction of pathogenic germs by more than 99.99% in 10 minutes.

Conditions of use

  • Air temperature between 4 and 40 ° C
  • Atmospheric pressure between 746 and 1013hPa
  • Humidity 10% -90%.


  • Particle filter replacement: under normal conditions once a year
  • Lifetime of the active components of the reactor: about 20,000 hours

Beewair - a technical device designed to decontaminate air in enclosed spaces that belongs to medical devices but, at the same time, is not a treatment device. This means that if you have a virus or an allergy, it cannot cure you. However, it can prevent the spread of aerosols, which are formed, for example, by coughing, breathing or sneezing.

So if you have a virus, for example, and you sneeze and cough, it removes the germs and viruses in the air that could infect another person. However, once a healthy person is in a space that contains a potential source of infection (a sick person, an apartment with mold spores, etc.), the Beewair can effectively reduce the concentration of disease to the point where the risk of a possible infection in a healthy person is significantly reduced. It is not a substitute for other disease control measures. Yet it is an important part of it, as air is the most natural way to spread disease. This technology also has the ability to not distinguish between different types of contaminants. This means that it is completely irrelevant whether it is a dangerous coronavirus such as SARS, MERS, H1N1, the current COVID-19 or a common influenza virus. The goal of the Beewair technology is to prevent people from being exposed to harmful effects and long-term infections, which have much more deadly health consequences than the mutated virus.