L'histoire de Beewair

"Nature provides all the answers to human questions. All we have to do is understand them and translate their meaning into scientific terms." Didier Parzy

Finding answers to natural phenomena was a key realization that led French engineer Didier Parzy, who had spent most of his career in the biomedical sector, down the road to innovation.

Convinced that his innovation must also be useful to mankind and also be in harmony with nature, Didier Parzy started to focus on air pollution.

In an effort to improve his understanding of the problem and to obtain the necessary data around the problem, Didier Parzy turned to recognized experts in the field and also undertook his own research.

The people he worked with became the key to the success of his project. He was surrounded by a team of experts who shared his values and vision. Together, they eventually created the technology and the Beewair brand.


Beewair's development steps


Process development experiences


INTERTEK, a specialized and internationally renowned laboratory, has tested DBD-Lyse and recognized its effectiveness


A patent for DBD-Lyse has been created. The first models of the Beewair were installed in several large companies to measure the benefits of the technology under normal conditions


An international patent is issued. Beewair also won a gold medal this year at the Concours Lépine, the prestigious French competition for inventions and innovations.


The Pasteur Institute as well as the Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) have recognized the effectiveness of the technology against the human coronavirus MERS.


Beginning of the commercial use of the Beewair technology.


The technology is beginning to be used to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Beewair changes its logo, gives itself a new image and new ranges of products arrive on the market.